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Sarah R-H:

Some of you might already have heard of RUSTLE (Really Useful Stuff on Teaching and Learning Etc.) at Sussex – if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out. This post especially resonates at the moment, with words such as ‘impact’ and ‘engagement’ constantly surrounding us. Publishing your research is no longer considered something you do after your doctorate, but is now increasingly expected during your doctorate. There’s good news…

Originally posted on RUSTLE @ University of Sussex:

Tree growing out of book.Academics are always being encouraged to publish, but increasingly students too are finding that there are benefits to sharing their work with one another and a wider audience. RUSTLE has been talking to faculty and students about three different routes to publication.

Paul Omar (Law) saw his students producing a lot of written work, most of which was returned by tutors to be filed away and never looked at again. So he thought he would try to get some of it published: ‘With doctorates and the REF there is always this publishing imperative, so why not apply it across the board and say to students: Let’s have a competition, let’s see if your work is good enough to publish’. To be in with a chance, students have to produce work that gets a first class mark, that it is topical, commenting on current events or responding to developments in the…

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