Research Grant Surgery (Psychology)

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Just got this email from Prof. Rupert Brown in Psychology:

Dear colleagues (including all ‘close to finishing’ DPhils)

This is just to let you know that Sui-Mee Chan, our main contact person in the Research Grants Pre-Award Office, will be available for ‘drop in’ consultation this Thursday, 4 Feb, 15.00 -16.00, in the Psychology Office.  She is happy to answer both general and specific queries about applying for research funding – the whole process from the gleam in your eye to the finally signed off application. This occasional surgery may be particularly helpful for those of you who have not submitted an application before, and this could include postdocs and DPhils thinking of trying for continuation ‘fellowship’ funding. Do please avail yourself of her time.

She is happy to field queries off the cuff. However, if any of you have a slightly more specific enquiry, it might be helpful to email it to her in advance, just so she can be sure to obtain the relevant information for you.

Her email is:



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