Results from Launch survey – hurrah!

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Well, here at last, as promised, are the results from the electronic survey we conducted at the Doctoral School launch event in December.  Below is what we asked, and how our researchers (the sample that attended) responded…

How do you define your role? Responses
(percent) (count)
Doctoral researcher 55.45% 56
Doctoral supervisor 30.69% 31
Sussex Research Staff 5.94% 6
Other 7.92% 8
Total : 101
Would you like the Doctoral School to provide opportunities for you to network with other Sussex researchers? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 80.39% 82
No 12.75% 13
Not applicable 6.86% 7
Total : 102
Would you be interested in a dedicated Doctoral School social space? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 72.04% 67
No 22.58% 21
Not applicable 5.38% 5
Total : 93
Would you use a Doctoral School 24-hour café? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 59.57% 56
No 37.23% 35
Not applicable 3.19% 3
Total : 94
Would you participate in interdisciplinary seminars? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 72.53% 66
No 19.78% 18
Not applicable 7.69% 7
Total : 91
Would you be interested in setting up an online Doctoral School journal? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 31.52% 29
No 64.13% 59
Not applicable 4.35% 4
Total : 92
Would you be interested in setting up and attending Doctoral School conferences? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 60.87% 56
No 31.52% 29
Not applicable 7.61% 7
Total : 92
Would you like to have dedicated workspace for doctoral researchers? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 60.67% 54
No 25.84% 23
Not applicable 13.48% 12
Total : 89
Would you attend a Doctoral School competition to design, build and battle robots? (problem solving across disciplines) Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 36.67% 33
No 52.22% 47
Not applicable 11.11% 10
Total : 90
Would you attend a Doctoral School event where you present your research to peers briefly and succinctly – a ‘speed dating’ for researchers? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 51.72% 45
No 37.93% 33
Not applicable 10.34% 9
Total : 87
Would you attend a Doctoral School family event (e.g. BBQ, treasure hunt)? Responses
(percent) (count)
Yes 45.35% 39
No 41.86% 36
Not applicable 12.79% 11
Total : 86
Vote for your top 3 priorities from the following… Responses
(percent) (count)
Networking 20.68% 49
Social space 16.46% 39
24 hr café 14.77% 35
Interdisciplinary seminars 12.66% 30
Dedicated workspace 11.39% 27
Conferences 10.97% 26
‘Speed dating’ 5.91% 14
Robot Competition 3.80% 9
Family event 2.53% 6
Online journal 0.84% 2
Total : 237

From my personal perspective, I was saddened that so few people were enticed by the robot-building and battling event, as the child in me would have voted this top choice 🙂  On a serious note though, the desire for physical space for researchers to socialise (indicated in green text in the final question), drink coffee and study was far greater than we anticipated.  It’s a tough one to get right, as many researchers feel that their department / lab / school provides sufficient space for these activities, and that centralised space would not be used much – which is why the Doctoral School has not provided this so far.  It’s greatly encouraging to see that activities with a strong academic slant (indicated in blue text in the final question) also proved desirable to many researchers.  These two factors, along with the ubiquitous and all-out winner “Networking” , provide us with a framework of what you, our researchers want.  And to ice the cake, that’s pretty much what was on our list of ‘Doctoral School events and activities’ too.

So, we’re on the right track, we (the Doctoral School) now just need to deliver the goods… keep watching this space.


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