The Adventure of Research: Call for papers

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Christ Church Canterbury Post Graduate Research Association Annual Conference Thursday 17th June 2010:

The Adventure of Research: Is Research enough of an Adventure?

This year, the PGRA is holding its Annual Conference on the theme “The Adventure of Research: Is Research enough of an Adventure?”  We aim at exploring ‘research’, its various particularities and its perception by researchers. The Conference is free for everybody. Please send abstracts, not exceeding 300 words, for a presentation lasting approximately 20 minutes, providing your name, academic affiliation, the name of your topic and the themes you chose (see below) and specifying whether you will need any particular requirements or facilities. Poster Presentations are also welcome. Please let us know when contacting us. Please could you, for clarity, name your email: ‘PGRA Conference Abstract’. Thank you.

Deadline for Proposals: Monday 31st May 2010

Email Contact: Baptiste Moniez /  Tammy Dempster

Full topic outlines and guidelines [PDF]

Topics in brief :

The following topics are intended as thematic guidelines. You can choose one from the following list or inspire from one or more, building on various elements, to present on the topic of your choice. We welcome proposals from all areas and in the form you feel more at ease with. Please adapt the topics as fits better for you.

Should you have queries or wish for clarification on any point, please contact us.

  1. Your Research
  2. Research and Identity
  3. Research and Purpose
  4. Research and Truth
  5. Research and Personhood
  6. Research and Ethics
  7. The Process of Research
  8. Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  9. Non-Conformity and Research
  10. Multi-Disciplinary Research
  11. Reason, Faith and Research
  12. Practice-Based Research
  13. The Artist and the Researcher
  14. Any topic of your choice.

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