Apply for placement fellowship in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

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The deadline for applications for a placement fellowship in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), has been extended to 18th May 2010

As part of its Placement Fellowship Scheme the ESRC welcomes applications from academics interested in working in a research capacity in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  The Scheme encourages social science researchers to spend time within a partner organisation to undertake policy relevant research and to develop the research skills of partner employees.  The Fellowship will be jointly funded by the ESRC and IPO while the Fellow remains employed by his/her institution.

The fellowship is for 9 – 12 months, with a proposed start date of JUNE 2010 (or as soon as possible afterwards).  The project is titled “Comparative Study of Copyright Levies to Reward  Creative Assets in the EU”, and the fellow will be based at the IPO offices in London.

Expected tasks of the fellow:

  • Review of types of levy systems on copying devices and media across countries, and how revenue is raised to reward authors / performers / creators
  • Policy rationale by country, comparing across different systems which generate rewards through levies
  • Assessment of economic flows insofar as data is available; where income comes from, and where it is distributed
  • Assessment of impact of the systems for creators and consumers of content, and for intermediaries.
  • Comparison with incentives provided by levy systems with those under ‘UK system’ of rewards generated by payment for use (UK base data for this will be assembled by IPO).

How to apply

Full details of the placement fellowship, including skills required, frequently asked questions, application instructions and guidance, are laid out in the 2010 IPO placement fellowship (.doc)


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