Chesshire Lehmann Fund: applications open in May

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The Chesshire Lehmann Fund is a new fund which will be open to applications next month. Trustees of the fund are particularly keen to receive applications from young academics and preference will be given to new post graduates.


Professor John Chesshire and Dr Peter Lehmann were both Fabian socialists who had a commitment to community and environmental energy causes long before awareness of climate change became widespread. Their academic backgrounds provided them with the ability to build an intellectual framework which, combined with their natural down-to-earth communication skills, meant that few politicians could refute their arguments that capital expenditure-on insulation, more efficient heating systems, lighting and appliances-coupled with advice on energy efficiency was the sustainable solution to fuel poverty. Both men were very active across a range of professional bodies and were also engaged in charitable causes linked to energy efficiency and poverty alleviation.

What is the Chesshire Lehmann Fund for?

The Chesshire Lehmann Fund has been established in their memory with the primary objective being to support young academics and community groups wishing to undertake active research or evaluation into the relationship between fuel poverty and energy efficiency. The Chesshire Lehmann Fund will be open to applicants across England although applications from the North West and the South East regions are particularly welcome.

For further information, contact:

Heather Haynes, Communications Assistant
NEA, St Andrew’s House
90-92 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6SG
Tel: 0191 2615677
Fax: 0191 2616496

NEA: the national energy action charity campaigning for increased investment in energy efficiency to tackle fuel poverty in poor and vulnerable households. “Join NEA and help in our work campaigning for increased investment in energy efficiency to tackle the heating and insulation problems of low-income households”


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