Project Management ‘slides’ / the low-tech argument

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Many of you that participated in the Effective Researcher workshops this year have requested that we upload the ‘slides’ that accompanied the section on Project Management, so here they are, with a little explanation….

The Effective Researcher workshops are deliberately low-tech, and there are many advantages to using flip-chart slides, over power-point slides, including:

  • low-tech slides don’t require electricity or heavy equipment
  • low-tech slides can be displayed simultaneously, with judicious use of blue-tac
  • low-tech slides can easily be edited on-the-fly, with a marker
  • low-tech slides require no re-booting, and are compatible with any wall
  • low-tech slides have a higher resolution than slide software
    (and therefore a greater data : ink ratio (have a look at Edward Tufte‘s work to see what I mean.  “PowerPoint is Evil” is a gentle introduction, and if you can get hold of his monograph “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint“, it’s reading time well-invested)
  • low-tech slides can be photographed using cameras on phones, etc.  And are still readable.
  • low-tech slides can be viewed in direct sunlight and do not cause eye-strain

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