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Recently I’ve been making a few changes around the blog, in an effort to make it more what you, the Sussex researcher, want it to be:

I’ve been posting on an almost daily basis, covering a range of topics and opportunities across the spectrum of what’s happening at Sussex (and beyond) for researchers.  I’ve also started commissioning articles from guest bloggers (who are all researchers at Sussex), so that as readers we can feel closer to the source of these events and perhaps see them from the perspective of someone on the ‘inside’. Then there has been the expansion of the ‘Doc Wisdom‘ page to include links to relevant ideas, and the creation of a new ‘Thesis FAQs‘ page, in response to suggestions.  I’ve even added a Google Maps image to the ‘About‘ page so you know where to find our well-hidden office 🙂

I’m wondering how effective the changes have been, and if the blog could be improved in any way.  So I thought I’d ask you: would you take a moment or two to let me know what you think about the blog so far? Use the form below to make your suggestions, share your ideas, and let me know what’s working for you so far…

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