Creativity in Academic Writing: after the workshop… (ii)

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Following on from a previous post, catching up with researchers who attended the “Creativity in Academic Writing” workshops this year, we have another contribution on how the workshop has had valuable lasting effects on a researcher and her writing.

Cecilia Ibarra, DPhil researcher in Education:

‘A good stew can take three to four hours to cook. A thesis three to four years of steady flame bringing together the goodness of each season: the roots in their autumn and the sprouts in their spring’

After writing this exercise –a collective first activity at the creative writing workshop- I could do a map of my research proposal and unblocked my writing. The linear structure I was following sticking to my handbook made me uncomfortable. After drawing the map I edited it into a diagram and wrote an explanation. Diagram and text became part of my proposal in a new section called ‘General Description’. I felt clearer, happier and able to do a whole revision of the text, which I finally submitted.

I use regularly the creative writing exercises I learned. When I do, I see the friendly faces of Celia and Amy who are the brilliant lecturers of the workshop.


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