Social Research Association annual conference 2010

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SRA Annual Conference December 7th 2010

British Library, 96 Euston Road,  London, NW1  2DB 10.00am ? 5.00 pm

Making a difference: Social Research in an era of austerity

Social research faces major challenges in the face of major reductions to public expenditure. It is now more important than ever to demonstrate how social research can make a difference to effective strategy, policy and practice. Arguably the role of social research becomes more important to guide practice in an era of austerity than one of affluence. Plenary and afternoon panel speakers will be addressing these issues and much more or relevance to the future of social research in the next few years.

Mark Easton, BBC Home Affairs correspondent
Prof Sandra Nutley, Edinburgh University
Paul Boyle, Chief Executive and Deputy Chair of the ESRC
Bill Blyth, Global Director for TNS-BMRB
Jenny Dibden, Joint Head of Government Social Research
Peter Alcock, Director of the 3rd Sector Research Centre
Bill Solesbury, Independent researcher

With a programme of 10 papers in 5 workshop themes,

  1. Behaviour change and action learning
  2. Using existing data
  3. The big society & user led research
  4. Lessons from national surveys
  5. Measuring outcomes

This is a conference for social research practitioners to:

  • Raise your awareness of impact of austerity measures and inform you of current thinking
  • Help you sharpen up your practice and become more knowledgeable on new developments in research practice
  • Share your experiences of adjusting to current economic changes
  • Network and develop new contacts, potential partners for projects and raise the profile of your organisation.

We have reduced the cost of attendance by 30% – our contribution in this age of austerity  – members £125 and non members  £200

Go to where you will find a booking form and more information including abstracts of workshops.


Making a difference: Social research in an era of austerity. British Library December 7th 2010

9.00 – 10.00  Registration

9.30 – 10.10  SRA AGM (for SRA members only)

Parallel with AGM and to be repeated during lunchtime special interest sessions and open space for poster displays. Tour of BL and talk on it’s resources for social researchers.

10.10 – 10.30  Coffee

10.30 – 1.00  Plenary

10.30  – 10.35   Chair’s opening remarks
10.35   – 11.00  Mark Easton
11.00   – 11.25  Sandra Nutley

Comfort break

11.35  –  12.00  Paul Boyle
12.00  –  12.25  Bill Blyth
12.25  – 1.00   Panel  Discussion

1pm – 2.00  Lunch

Repeat of pre conference activities as above in addition a presentation by Yougov of its development of online data collection methods and meeting on SRA campaign over cuts to social research budgets.

2.00 – 2.45  Parallel workshops session 1

2.50 – 3.35  session 2

Attendees to choose one workshop but timing to allow change over.

3.35  Tea

3.50pm – 4.55       Final Plenary Session:

3.50  –  4.00  Jenny Dibden
4.00  –  4.10  Peter Alcock
4.10 –  4.20  Bill Solesbury

4.20 – 4.55  Open floor discussion
4.55 –   5pm  Close of the day. SRA Chair

5pm       Drinks reception courtesy Yougov (conference lead sponsor)

Go to where you will find a booking form and more information including abstracts of workshops


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