Postcard competition: “Picture this: postcards and letters beyond text”

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Picture this: postcards and letters beyond text

Conference at the University of Sussex, 24-26 March, 2011
Postcards Competition: Deadline for entries: 21 January, 2011 (see below for further information and how to enter the competition)

Judge: Nicola Barker

The Picture this: postcards and letters beyond text conference is delighted to launch its Postcards Competition, a mixed-media writing competition, hosted in collaboration with the publishers Myriad Editions. The Postcards Competition welcomes any and all kinds of writing – fiction and/or non-fiction, poetry, fragment, cartoon, criticism, aphorism, autobiography, travel – as long as it fits onto a standard sized postcard and is addressed to someone. The pictorial aspect of the postcard can be original artwork (drawing, photography, collage, etc.), or any found image or commercial picture postcard, antique or contemporary, anything that complements the writing. Postcards will be judged as compelling writing on how successfully the visual and verbal elements are brought together.

All entries will be read by the Picture this: postcards and letters beyond text conference committee and will be judged by the novelist Nicola Barker, whose latest novel Burley Cross Postbox Theft (2010) is a comic epistolary. Results of the competition will be announced at the conference as part of an evening event, which will include prize-giving, as Nicola Barker’s judging comments, made in correspondence, are read to the winners at the accompanying exhibition of their works; other comment on the winning entries will be made by key professionals involved in the literary and visual arts, including the fiction editor at Myriad Editions, Victoria Blunden. The event is open to all – come along to discuss your favourites!

Winning entries will be published, both on the website of Myriad Editions and concurrently in the online academic journal Excursions: The Postgraduate Journal for Interdisciplinary Research, based in the Sussex Doctoral School. We are also very pleased to announce that we will be able to publish and print a booklet of the top entries, with the joint support of the Sussex Doctoral School and School of English.

The closing date for submissions is 21st January 2011. For more information and for how to enter, please visit our website and follow the link to ‘Postcards Competition’.

You can also email enquiries to us at
We look forward to receiving your work!

Picture this: postcards and letters beyond text is funded by the AHRC, under their Beyond Text Student Led Initiative


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