Careers beyond academia

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Good ideas and advice from Catherine Reynolds, who is a careers advisor for researchers, in the Careers and Employability Centre at Sussex…

As academic posts are increasingly competitive, why not consider your options in the wider labour market?  A few examples from recent PhDs:

Women’s Studies PhD (Manchester) now writing for Coronation Street.

English Literature PhD (Sussex) now working as technical writer for Rail Standards Authority.

Classics PhD (London) now a Learning Technologist

Psychology PhD now researching on well being for a think tank.

If you want some careers support to help you develop your thinking, please contact Catherine Reynolds (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences) or Jane Riley (Sciences) or to arrange a one to one consultation in the Careers and Employability Centre.

Alternatively, book up for one of our termly career development workshops – next term this will focus on the story boarding approach to careers. There’s information about this approach at: .  All events are listed and can be booked  at:

Catherine Reynolds December 2010


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