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Blog about the Enterprisers Programme by Annelle Bellony (Doctoral Student in Economics, 2010)

The motivation and discipline to work hard and succeed in a job are an important part of my work ethic.  Thus, giving an employer 110 percent of my youthful energy has caused moments of deep thinking that this energy should be spent on my own entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Enterprisers program was extremely beneficial as the facilitators made the sessions interesting, practical, collaborative and thought-providing.  In addition, the activities provided opportunities to interact with other team members and draw upon their innovative ideas which in turn either solidified existing ideas or spurred the development of new ideas.

The Enterprisers reinforced a few personality traits, for example in the completion of the Belbin team roles and in BaFa, the outcomes caused moments of introspection.

Enterprisers is an excellent program for persons who are thinking of embarking on entrepreneurial endeavours, and need ideas on the nuts and bolts of the process.   The inclusion of the panel and the networking event provided an opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges of entrepreneurs in the field.  Overall, the program made me realise that entrepreneurship is hard work, full of ups and downs, but after many years of toiling it can be rewarding.  However, it requires high levels of perseverance as once fully in, there is no turning back and success depends on steering the course.  The program days were long, but it acted as perfect symbolism of entrepreneurship, showing that as an entrepreneur your days are going to be long and full of all sorts of activities, but in the end it all comes together.

I give Enterprisers an A-plus and would wish that in a year’s time they would bring together the same participants for a next round, to determine their enterprising activities post-Enterprisers.

Applications are now open for this year’s highly-renowned Cambridge/MIT Enterprisers 4 day residential programme, taking place at the end of May.

Due to Sussex’s longstanding involvement with the course, the University of Sussex has secured 20 places for Sussex Doctoral students and all disciplines are eligible to apply, whether or not your studies are funded by a research council.

***Places are worth £1000 each, but will be fully sponsored if you are successful in obtaining a place***

Deadline for applications is 18 April.

What can you gain from this course?

  • learn new and innovative ways to think about your research
  • learn how to raise awareness of the impact of your research within communities.

The skills gained on Enterprisers are equally applicable to developing a new venture, a student society, a community project and indeed research projects going forward. It is also a great environment for developing self-confidence and other personal skills like networking and team awareness. At the end of the programme, you will learn to think more
creatively and entrepreneurially.

The course itself will take place in Bedfordshire from 31st May- 3rd June 2011.

Please note that your accommodation, course fees, food, drink and travel (travel up to £50) will all be paid for. You can apply online at www.cfel.jbs.cam.ac.uk and click on ‘Enterprisers’.

Applicants need to demonstrate their enthusiasm for developing entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, teambuilding and networking with others; and the course aims to bring together a broad mix of science, arts and business disciplines.

Successful Sussex applicants will be joining Doctoral students from universities around the UK, and from many different nationalities.

Due to the high value of the places, we would expect you to write a 500 word report on your experiences of the programme to help us ensure we gain feedback and potentially funding to send others on the course in the future.

If you have any questions or queries about the programme please give Sally Wright, Project Manager in Enterprise a call on 01273 873297.

For more info, please see this document about the programme.


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