May workshops for research staff: Winning Research Funding / Managing Your Career

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Two excellent workshops coming up in May for research staff at Sussex:

Winning Research Funding (for Research staff) Tuesday 17th May, 10.00-12.30

Dr Abby Day

Abby Day is the author of Winning Research Funding [1], is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Sussex and Principal Investigator of an ESRC-funded Small Grant.

Thousands of research proposals are painstakingly created every year. Most are rejected. This is a waste of time and money on everyone’s part. The researcher- usually an underpaid, over-worked academic – has wasted weeks and months preparing a proposal. For a contract researcher, all that time is an unpaid effort. The people assessing the proposal – usually underpaid, over-worked academics – have wasted months and sometimes years trying to find the right researchers. Most of those who sit on advisory councils and research panels are unpaid. They are from academe, government, and the private sector and are acting out of commitment and interest. They, like the researchers who apply, believe passionately in the field they represent.

How can so many like-minded people fail to forge mutually beneficial relationships?

Come along to the workshop to understand that researchers are in a position of strength, and to acquire techniques to build on those strengths and create mutually beneficial funding partnerships. Book your place at:

Managing your Career Workshop (for research staff) Tuesday 24th May, 9.30-4.30

Catherine Reynolds & Jane Riley (Careers & Employability Centre)

Academic career development is not straightforward. To help you consider your options inside and outside academia, the Careers and Employability Centre is facilitating a day session on careers matters. We will:

  • review your career to date
  • evaluate your future options
  • improve your self marketing
  • increase your effectiveness in managing your own career and
  • plan a realistic course of action

The day will be participative and interactive. Please contact Catherine and Jane directly if you would like to discuss this day or other careers issues. Book your place at:

[1] Peters-Day, Abby, (2003), Winning Research Funding, Gower Ashgate: Aldershot.


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