Psychology Colloquia, Summer Term 2011

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Psychology Colloquia – Summer Term 2011 – All Welcome

19/05/11 Week 4

Dr Juan-Carlos Gomez, University of St Andrews.   Host: Dr David Leavens
“Solving Momus’ Problem: evolving intentional vs representational mindreading”

26/05/11 Week 5

Prof Michael Billig, Loughborough University.  Hosts: Prof R Brown/Dr J Drury
“Why social scientists should try to write in simpler ways”

This talk stems from a belief that generally social scientists use too much jargon. However, the real problem is not jargon as such but the general style of writing that social scientists, including social psychologists, favour. This style involves the heavy use of noun phrases and verbs in the passive voice and is similar to the style developed by natural scientists. The talk will discuss why this style of writing is actually less precise than simpler, more ordinary ways of writing, when it comes to describing human actions. Social scientists often use this style because it appears precise, while allowing them to write in very imprecise ways. Recommendations for simpler writing will be made.

02/06/11 Week 6

Prof Sally Boysen, The Ohio State University.  Host: Dr David Leavens
“Understanding of Causality in Chimpanzees: Will the “Real” Chimpanzee Please Stand Up?”

09/06/11 Week 7

Dr Pascal Mark Gygax, Université De Fribourg.  Host: Prof Alan Garnham
“Language and the representation of gender: When grammar modulates the way we see the world”           

All Seminars are to be held in Pevensey 1 Room 1B3.

Seminars start at 16:00 h (except where indicated otherwise)



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