SRHE Newer Researchers’ Seminar: literature review and writing up

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SRHE BannerSRHE Newer Researchers’ Network Event

Thursday 16th June 2011, 10.30-4.00pm

SRHE OFFICES 44 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4LL. UK

Undertaking a Literature Review and Writing Up Research

Dear Newer Researchers and other Colleagues,

We are delighted to confirm that the Newer Researchers’ Network will be hosting this event on Thursday 16th June, from 10.30am-4.00pm. The event is entitled Undertaking a literature review and writing up research, and will take place at the SRHE offices in London.

We have two high profile colleagues coming in to deliver sessions at the event. Dr Chris Hart is the expert on literature searches and reviews and will provide a morning session. Professor Jerry Wellington offers enormous expertise on research methodology and policy and practice in higher education, and will be providing a session on writing up research. Both sessions will be interactive, and there will be additional networking time.

We expect this to be an excellent event, offering a good opportunity for new researchers and more experienced researchers too.

The event will be chaired by Patrick Baughan, who is Co-Convenor of Newer Researchers’ Network, and a Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at City University London.


10.30 – 11.00 Arrival and registration; tea and coffee available.

11.00-12.45 Undertaking a Literature Review; Dr Chris Hart

12.45-14.00 Lunch and networking (sandwich lunch provided by SRHE)

14.00-15:45 Writing and Publishing: why do we do it and how can we improve? Prof Jerry Wellington

15:45-16.00 Closing comments/networking.

16:00 Event ends.

Undertaking a Literature Review

Dr Christopher Hart, University of Chester

This session is about doing a search and review of the literature for your research proposal and subsequent research project. We will map out the different sources and resources which can be used to find relevant research, ideas and theories.  We will then go on, using examples, to look at what makes for a competent review, occasionally stopping on the way to think about methodological assumptions and their consequences.  The session will be part talk, part demonstration and part hands-on, with plenty of time of questions and discussion about your research.

Chris Hart is currently at the University of Chester. He has held academic posts with Manchester, Salford, Birmingham City University and written learning materials for the Open University.  Chris has written several textbooks on research including Doing a literature review (Sage/Open University) and Doing your masters dissertation (Sage).  Recent publications include, The legacy of the Chicago school of sociology (2010), Talcott Parsons: theory, development, and applications, Essays examining the relevance of Parsonian theory in the 21st Century (2009), and Heroines and Heroes: symbolism, embodiment, narratives and identity (2008).  He has been research director for a number of national and international projects funded by public and commercial organizations.  In 2006, Chris was research director for the largest private study of a community of interest (fans) ever undertaken, covering the European trading zone, across 12 countries, five currencies and 800,000 respondents (funded by European motor manufacturers Mercedes, BMW and Audi).  Chris is currently working on a number of books including an analysis of the landmark 1984 Apple MacIntosh commercial, Mrs Miniver and propaganda and a second edition of Doing a literature review. Chris may be contacted at:

Writing and Publishing: why do we do it and how can we improve?

Professor Jerry Wellington, University of Sheffield

The aim of this interactive session is to present a range of thoughts on writing and publishing research and to consider:

  • What is the value of writing? And what is difficult about doing it?
  • Why do people write and publish? What puts them off?
  • Who are we, or should we be, writing for?
  • Different styles and approaches to writing
  • What channels of communication are available for writing/ disseminating research? Who ‘controls’ these channels? (the notion of peer review)
  • Are there any useful guidelines on how new researchers/ doctoral students/ anyone can successfully submit articles and papers to journals, contribute chapters to books, or approach publishers with book proposals?

The session will include comments from interviews with experienced writers, to show that all writers are different. There can be no set of handy hints or infallible guidelines which apply to all writers and types of writing – but the main messages of this session will be that:

  • Writing is part of the thinking process;
  • Writing is not easy but it can help to know that most people find writing ‘hard work’ and that there is no one right way of writing.
  • Draft and re-draft – ‘don’t get it right, get it written’, then you can polish it.

Ideas for further reading will be suggested after the session.

Jerry Wellington is a professor and head of research degrees in the
School of Education at the University of Sheffield. He has supervised a
large number of PhD and professional doctorate students, and has been external examiner for a wide range of doctoral theses at Universities in the UK and overseas. Currently, his main interests are in research methods, research writing,  doctoral supervision and  post-graduate education. He has written forty-six journal articles and twelve books, the most relevant to this session being:  Making supervision work for you, London: Sage (2010); and  Getting Published, London: Routledge (2003).

Event booking details

To reserve a place at this seminar please email Nicola Manches  at or telephone +44 (0) 207 4472525.   SRHE events are open to all and free to SRHE members as part of their membership package. The delegate fee for non-members is £25 [full time students £20]. Non members wishing to join the Society may do so at the time of registration and the delegate fee will be waived. Please note that places must be booked in advance and that a £25 for non attendance if a  place has been reserved but no notice of cancellation/non attendance given in advance of the day of the  event will be charged.

Interested in joining the IIR Network-but not able to attend this event? To receive details of future events in this series and to join the mailing list.    Please email


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