Enhancing the student experience & introduction to Ketso – an interactive workshop tool

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Do you work with students?

The Business and Enterprise team are hosting a hands-on workshop, with colleagues from across the University of Sussex; to learn from each other and develop creative solutions around the topic “Enhancing the Student Experience“.  The workshop will take place on Wednesday 29 June 2011 in The Freeman Centre (Room G24/G25).

During the workshop we will be discussing how we can maximise our time and effort to deliver more to students and their experience at University. The workshop will be led by Dr Joanne Tippett, from the University of Manchester, who has successfully developed “Ketso“, a practical toolkit for effective engagement and group discussion. Ketso allows people to share their ideas, to learn from each other and to make informed decisions. Ketso is accessible to all, and everyone can contribute, making effective use of people’s time.

Ketso in action

For more information on the workshop, take a look at the event flyer [PDF]

The workshop will take place between 9.30am – 12.30pm. Tea and coffee will be provided from 9.15am. Numbers are limited so please register by 24th June 2011 at http://bit.ly/sussex_ketso2011

If you would like to find out more about the event please contact Michelle MacLean – michelle.maclean@sussex.ac.uk


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