Excursions Journal: ‘Virus’ Issue & Launch Party

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Update from Martin eve, on Excursions: the interdisciplinary open-access journal set up and run by Sussex researchers.

In the contemporary world, notions of the viral are infused, as was impossible in a pre-globalised time, with connotations both positive and negative. Even as the AIDS pandemic, caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, continues to rage worldwide, marketeers use the same terminology of infection when they speak of their success; they have “gone viral”. Meanwhile, on the software front, a campaign of “biological/viral warfare” has reached the next stage of its analogy with (allegedly) state-sponsored malware, such as the Stuxnet worm, attacking industrial and nuclear facilities with hitherto unprecedented levels of sophistication. From this slim set of examples, a host of possibilities arise. Where does the virus sit in the realm of aesthetics? What could be the political side of the viral? Is such a terminological analogy ethically appropriate? It was with these in mind that the Excursions board called for papers addressing the topic of the Virus. The issue we are about to release is the culmination of that call.

We received a large number of submissions, many of which, sadly, didn’t make it through our tough peer review procedures. The end result is a small issue that goes, nevertheless, to the core of the topic. Producing a journal issue is no small matter and this issue has, yet again, been made possible by the hard work of Sussex postgraduates who coordinated with the academics on the advisory board; communicated with the submitting authors; and copyedited, proofread and produced the galleys. The end result is an issue that will be indexed by all the major cataloging entities (you’ll see it in university libraries in the near future!), under a full-blown ISSN assignment, but still free to access at point of readership owing to our Open Access ideology.

Download the PDF invitation to the Excursions celebration

To celebrate this achievement, we will be holding a launch party event, with free drinks, on the 24th of June, from 4-7pm in the Creativity Zone, formerly InQBate. Come to this event to find out about the journal, how you can become involved with the editorial board or how to submit work for our forthcoming call for papers: “States of Emergence, States of Emergency”.

While the pieces in the issue speak for themselves and therefore require little introduction, the editorial board would like to thank Peter Boxall, Tracy Egbert, Vicky Lebeau, Graeme Pedlingham and Sarah Robins-Hobden for their assistance throughout.

Martin Paul Eve
Chief Editor

Liz Sage, Joanna Kellond, Erika Szostak
Senior Editors

Ruth Charnock, Gillian Daw, David Hull, Seda Ilter, Carina Westling, Joanna Wood
Editorial Board


2 thoughts on “Excursions Journal: ‘Virus’ Issue & Launch Party

    […] Don’t forget to attend the Vol 2, Issue 1 (‘Virus’) launch party on Friday! More details of Excursions celebration. […]

    Catherine Reynolds said:
    June 16, 2011 at 08:15

    It’s so good to see this Journal taking shape – all down to the excellent work of Sussex researchers. Thank you to all the team and the writers. Everyone should attend your event on
    June 24th
    to find out more and get involved. You won’t regret it!

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