Psychology Poster Conference TODAY in BSMS

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Doctoral Researchers in the School of Psychology will be displaying posters of their research today (Wednesday 5th October) from 09:30 to 13:00 in the Foyer of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.  If you’re on campus, pop in and have a look at the diversity of doctoral research in psychology at Sussex.

Download the full Abstract booklet [PDF] for full information.

POSTER SESSION I: 9.30am-10.45am

  1. Manipulating expectations about the calorie content of a breakfast influences acquired liking
    N.J. Gould, E.H. Zandstra, and M.R. Yeomans
  1. Maximising the expected satiety of a drink: Texture and flavour increase expectations.
    Keri McCrickerd, Martin Yeomans and Lucy Chambers
  1. Motor-, temporal- and reflection- impulsivity: which relies more on executive functions?
    Amy Caswell, Michael Morgan and Theodora Duka
  1. Familiarity can aid prospective memory performance in older adults – but at what cost?
    Rachel Entwistle and Jenny Rusted
  1. Dementia: Prediction, Prevention, Prorogation
    Jeremy Young, Nicolas Farina and Jenny Rusted
  1. One lump or two? How ageing affects error-monitoring in a tea-making task
    Sara Balouch and Jenny Rusted
  1. Liking conditioned stimuli is not sufficient to elicit general Pavlovian to instrumental transfer.
    You don’t have to do it just because you like it.
    Stephen Jeffs and Dora Duka.
  1. The role of maltreatment and key parenting dimensions in children’s behavioural reputation and psychosocial adjustment
    Nikki Luke and Robin Banerjee
  1. The differential effects of negative mood, intolerance of uncertainty, and problem-solving confidence on systematic information processing and worry.
    Suzanne R Dash & Graham CL Davey
  1. The effectiveness of Computerised CBT for Common Mental Health Problems and the factors influencing program engagement: A systematic review and Meta – analysis.
    Rebecca Grist and Kate Cavanagh
  1. The impact of the therapeutic relationship and self-stigma on social and recovery outcomes for people who experience psychosis
    Clio Berry and Kathryn Greenwood
  1. Same old story – contextual cueing facilitates word learning in shared storybook reading.
    Sophie E. Williams, Jessica S. Horst, Jane Oakhill

POSTER SESSION II: 11.15am-12.30pm

  1. Effects of public and private acculturation on well-being among Muslim minority members
    Linda K. Tip and Rupert Brown
  1. Reducing mild desires for alcohol using a script-driven imagery protocol
    Katie Atwell, Dora Duka and Charles Abraham
  1. Different groups, different motives: Motivations behind identifying with different groups
    Matt Easterbrook and Rupert Brown
  1. ‘I just wasn’t bothered’: Understanding the path to disaffection in school-excluded pupils.
    Fidelma Hanrahan, Robin Banerjee and Rupert Brown
  1. Exercise and Body Image: Is it what you do or why you do it?
    Megan Hurst and Helga Dittmar
  1. The moderating impact of self-esteem on self-affirmation effects
    Camilla During and Donna Jessop
  1. Communicating with the public during incidents involving mass casualty decontamination: highlighting the gaps in preparedness and response
    Holly Carter and John Drury
  1. Household food waste: A qualitative analysis of motives for and barriers to change.
    Ella Graham-Rowe, Donna Jessop and Paul Sparks
  1. Overcoming gender stereotypes in cognitive representations using performance feedback.
    Eimear Finnegan, Jane Oakhil and Alan Garnham
  1. Is conscious awareness required for synaesthesia?
    Hazel Anderson, Jamie Ward and Zoltan Dienes.
  1. Gambling reveals the speed of the unconscious
    Andy Mealor and Zoltan Dienes
  1. Face Identity After-Effects with Composite Faces
    Sarah Laurence and Graham Hole
  1. Autistic Children’s Other-awareness: Evidence from a collaborative interactive tabletop computer task.
    Samantha Holt and Nicola Yuill

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