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Brighton Brains logoThink your research has nothing to do with the creative and digital industries? You might be missing a trick. Take a look at Brighton Brains – a unique opportunity to engage with this sector locally.

After the Creative Industries event a few weeks ago, DabApps set up a website to help business people and academic researchers who work in the creative and digital sectors to come together more often:

Something that struck us very strongly from the various discussions last week, was how little mingling there is between the academic communities of Brighton and the creative and digital communities that we belong to. Whilst there is an obvious desire to develop commercial links between the Universities and the local business sector, we felt that a more informal bringing together of these two communities, based on a passion for a particular subject area and an intellectual desire for discovery, would not only help this cause but potentially allow other collaborations.

We decided to put aside some time this week to create a simple web page that would start the process of bringing these two communities closer. It is primarily aimed at students, researchers and academics, to let them know about some of the established creative and digital user groups who meet up regularly in Brighton. Students rarely attend these groups and that’s a real shame, as the groups are open, friendly and welcome all newcomers. We talked to a number of students at your event and none of them were even aware of the groups that were relevant to them.

The web address is:
The lovely folk at DabApps also wrote a blog post about the site:


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