Springboard: Professional development for women researchers, 4-day course

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Vitae logoThe Doctoral School is proud to be hosting the Vitae SE Hub Springboard development programme for women in Spring 2012. Springboard aims to support you in assessing where you are now and in working out what you want to do next. It then helps you to develop the skills and confidence to take the next steps. Springboard is open to all researcher levels: doctoral researchers, research staff, and principal investigators.

12 places reserved for Sussex researchers

Springboard is an award-winning personal and professional development programme, designed and developed by women for women. It consists of four one-day workshops, each a month apart, and a workbook that supports individual reflection.

These are some of the post-Springboard results that researchers have experienced:

  • I am now applying for funding to establish myself as an independent researcher, which will put me in a competitive position to apply for permanent lectureship positions as they become available.
  • I found the confidence to step out of my comfort zone.
  • I have applied for a highly competitive position that I wouldn’t have considered before the programme
  • I am now a much more determined student and I believe I have the tools to successfully complete my PhD
  • I have much more confidence in setting goals and taking steps towards them. I find time for me every week.

The programme is about you, your life and your work – you are always in charge of what you decide to do, but it will help you to make good decisions based on what is right for you in your individual context while building on your experience to date.

If you take part in the programme you will be committing to attend all four workshops (19th January, 16th February, 15th March, 12th April, from 09:00 to 16:00 on each day) and work with the workbook between workshops. You can expect to:

    • Develop your self-awareness and skills to portray yourself positively
    • Identify your personal values
    • Develop assertiveness skills
    • Identify ‘baggage’ from the past that you might still be carrying, and might be holding you back
    • Identify personal and work goals and the steps you need to take towards them
    • Develop a range of personal effectiveness skills

Booking your place

There is a £125 fee for the course, which is less than cost price (the course is subsidised by Vitae, and hosted by Sussex, which has reduced the cost to less than a third of the price of similar training elsewhere). You may want to pay the fee from the professional development allocation of your research budget.

Read the event overview for full details, then complete the booking form to secure your place.

If you have any queries about your booking please contact Ross on sehub@vitae.ac.uk, and if you’d like to know more about Springboard please contact Alison on Alison.trinder@mpls.ox.ac.uk


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