Does your research need ethical approval?

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It does, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions:

  • Will your research project involve human subjects, with or without their knowledge or consent?
  • Will your research project involve non-human animal subjects?
  • Will you have access to personal information that allows you to identify individuals or to confidential corporate or company information?
  • Is your research project likely to expose any person, whether or not a participant, to physical or psychological harm?
  • Does your research project present a significant risk to the environment or society?

Research ethics & integrity workshop – Tues 15th November, 10:00 -12:00

Only 9 places left. Book your place now.

This workshop is designed specifically for doctoral researchers and research staff at Sussex. The trainer is Dr Carmen Mcleod (Research Governance Officer, Research & Enterprise Services). Attending this workshop means you will:

    • Understand the ethical approval process for research at the University of Sussex
    • Get help and guidance on research ethics issues
    • Learn more about the application of good research practice

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