Thesis Whisperer events: bookings open

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Thesis Whisperer, Dr. Inger MewburnTalk: “What I learned about doing a PhD from reading trash fiction”
Wednesday 14th December, 15:00-16:00

Researcher at Sussex? Book through Sussex Direct
Researcher elsewhere? We’ve reserved a limited number of places for researchers at other institutions: Book through the Doctoral School website

Doing a thesis is a serious business, which might be why so many PhD students find themselves reading trashy novels in their downtime. But even trashy novels have something to teach us about doing a thesis, specifically about Feelings. Feelings are often repressed or denied in academic life – especially in research, where they can even be treated as a kind of contagion.

In this presentation I will talk about the role of emotions in PhD study, how you can better recognise their effects and the consequences of ignoring them.

Workshop: “Write that journal article in 7 days”
Thursday 15th December, 10:30-12:30

Sussex doctoral researchers only: Book through Sussex Direct

All research students should think seriously about publishing during their degree. The job market is competitive in academia and your CV should show evidence that you are making an impact on your field already. Exposing your work to peer review can give you more confidence about the robustness of your findings and your writing. In this workshop we will look at a ‘fast track’ method for getting a journal article together from work you already have. We will explore some publishing strategies and do a series of exercises designed to help you give your article focus and touch on the tricky subject of sharing authorship. Lastly we will talk about some alternative writing techniques which may speed up the process of producing an article.


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