New research group setting up today: Creative & Critical Practice

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This group is organised by Cecile Chevalier (Doctoral Researcher in Media and Film) with the support of the group’s committee: Andrew Duff (Doctoral Researcher in Media and Film), Frances Hubbard (Doctoral Researcher in Media and Film), Paul McConnell (Media Production Tutor).

To attend, or join our mailing list, please email

Both media and creative practice may be considered as ways of exploring, engaging and supporting critical dialogues between media practice and theory, through various processes, methods and transferences. The group aim to become multi-disciplinary by opening its doors to practitioners from various departments at Sussex and to other institutions such as the University of Brighton, to forge a practice community, here at the University of Sussex.

The central aspect of the group is the approach to knowledge through doing, perceiving and creating. By attending the group, you will be asked to either present your practice or discuss your work-in-progress. Key topics around creative practice will also be wlecome for discussion. The group will arrange to meet on a fortnight basis as from 11th January 2012 for 2 hours, with an introductory “show & tell” meeting on Tuesday 29th November 2011, at the Attenborough Centre Creativity Zone (in Pevensey III).

Aims of the group:

  • Discuss: contributing all that we know and to forget all that we know to allow our knowledge and experience to expand;
  • Practice: thinking outside one’s own perspective and experience;
  • Collaborate: encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-institutional dialogue in the creative & critical practice research;
  • Methods: to enquire and discuss research practice methods and terminology – make “things” accessible.

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