How tendon can turn to bone: doctoral researcher published in New Scientist!

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UPDATE 7th Feb 2012: Natasha’s post and article now published Researcher experience: Getting published in New Scientist

Natasha AgabalyanBSMS PhD researcher, Natasha Agabalyan, has written a feature article for the New Scientist. Published this week, the article ‘The disease that turns you to stone‘ discusses abnormal bone growth and how understanding the causes could help with aches and pains associated with ageing.

You can read a preview of the article on the New Scientist website; or consult a paper copy in the University Library, where we have a print subscription.

In January, Natasha will write a guest post for this blog, outlining the process and her experience of writing and publishing.

Natasha Agabalyan is currently studying towards a PhD at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, after having completed her undergraduate degree at Sussex. Natasha is researching the nature of tendon tissue and how, under certain circumstances and in some animals, tendon can turn to bone. She also runs a blog called The Science Informant which explains science to the layman, making it fun and accessible.


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