Psychology Colloquia Spring 2012

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All Seminars are to be held in Pevensey 1 Room 1B3, and start at 16:00 (except where indicated otherwise)

19/01/12 Week 2  – Host: Prof Pete Clifton
Dr Aldo Badiani, Sapienza University of Rome
“Choice of heroin versus cocaine: it is all about the location”

26/01/12 Week 3 Host:  – Dr David Reby
Prof Sophie Scott, UCL, University of London

02/02/12 Week 4 – Host: Dr Alison Pike
Prof Essi Viding, UCL, University of London
“Conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits: Using different methodologies to find out more”

09/02/12 Week 5
Dr Vivian Vignoles, University of Sussex
“Identity motives as culturally flexible universals”

16/02/12 Week 6 – Cancelled

23/02/12 Week 7 – Host: Prof Rupert Brown
Prof Manuela Barreto, University of Exeter

01/03/12 Week 8 – Host: Prof Robin Banerjee
Prof Dale Hay, Cardiff University

08/03/12 Week 9 – Host: Prof Jane Oakhill
Dr Lisa Irmen, Universität Heidelberg
“Language-based representations of gender”


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