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Information from Vitae on today’s Digital Researcher workshop – live audio broadcast and Tweets.

Digital Researcher Online 2012 Live audio streaming and online discussion from the British Library, 20 February 2012

Want to make the most of digital technologies and social media tools in your research?

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Designed for both postgraduate researchers and research staff within any UK institution, Digital Researcher Online is the online programme of the oversubscribed Vitae Digital Researcher event, offering all those who could not physically attend the event the opportunity to tune in and get involved with the day’s activity.

Digital Researcher Online will explore how new technologies and tools (microblogging, RSS feeds, social networking and social citation sharing) can be used to enhance your research and raise your professional profile.

Breaking News:

Vitae is pleased to announce that Martin Weller (Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University and author of the ‘Digital Scholar’ book) will be attending as the keynote speaker.

What to expect as an online participant…

10:00 – Introduction: A short interview with Dr Tristram Hooley on Digital Researcher 2012 and the current digital landscape.

10:30 – 11:15 – Morning plenary Join us online and tune-in to the opening plenary of Digital Researcher. During this session we’ll be covering academic practice, the role of social media and intellectual property.

15:45 – 16:30 – Keynote speaker Prof Martin Weller, Open University – ‘Digital Scholarship’. John Igoe, Vitae’s Web Development Manager will be an online facilitator throughout the day, supporting all those who decide to tune in online through stimulating discussion and answering questions. Join discussions on Twitter using the #dr12vitae hashtag.

Interested? Visit the official Digital researcher online page: 

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