Doctoral School summer party: BBQ & screening of The PHD Movie!

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The PHD Movie posterDoctoral School summer BBQ 2012 and screenings of The PHD Movie!

The Doctoral School is proud to announce our Summer BBQ and subsequent screenings of The PHD Movie, for researchers and staff at Sussex. We invite all Doctoral researchers; Research staff; Supervisors; Principal investigators; and Staff who support researchers in schools and other units.

Friday 25th May 2012

15:30 ~ BBQ, Falmer Bar

Ticket includes BBQ and a drink of your choice. This event will go ahead even if it rains: we have reserved indoor space in Falmer bar in case of rain.

17:30 ~ Screening of The PHD Movie

Ticket includes a drink in Falmer Bar afterwards.

Monday 28th May 2012 ~ Second screening of The PHD Movie

The PHD Movie will have a second screening at the end of SPRU’s D’Skills Day. If you can’t get to our Friday screening, you will be very welcome at this one.


N.B. You must make separate bookings for the BBQ and movie screening of your choice! This way you can select which of the events you’d like to attend to suit your schedule, and we can organise catering more accurately!

After booking you will receive an email confirming you have a place at the relevant event. Tickets for the events will be made available for collection from the Doctoral School in the summer term, or you can collect them on the door on the day. The links below take you to the Sussex Direct booking system – you will need your ITS username and password to complete the booking:

What’s The PHD Movie all about?

The PHD Movie is based on the long-running and ever-popular PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) Comics by Jorge Cham (Stanford, USA)

Quick Synopsis: The series takes a humorous and poignant look at four graduate students as they grapple with research, being a teaching assistant and finding balance in their over-worked lives.

Themes: At its heart, the movie is about young people questioning their place in the world and wondering if they have what it takes to succeed in academia and research.

The purpose is to tell the untold story of the graduate student. Too often, depictions of scientists or academics are either caricatures that rely on stereotypes or they present an overly-glossy picture that oversimplifies the inherent challenges and sacrifices. The goal is to show that grad students and academics are real people, too.

Ultimately, the story is not a critique or a parody of Academia. We cheer for these students as they struggle and work hard and we see them succeed. We get the sense that life in the academy has its challenges and its rewards. The main lesson is that grad school is as much about finding truth in science and engineering as it is about finding truth in yourself.


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