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Apologies for the radio silence here on the blog, I was taken ill suddenly.  I am now convalescing, and thought I’d post this, as I started writing it just before I became unwell.  My viva was on the 24th September, and people often ask what it was like, so I thought I’d put my thoughts down in case they became useful to others…

Notes on my Viva

Just a note: I found my viva exam to be one of the most positive experiences of my doctorate.  If you’re looking for viva horror stories, you’ll need to go elsewhere, sorry.

Firing up

I had not been nervous really until the actual day of the viva.  Then it started to come on in the morning, building slowly, until early afternoon, when I started to feel drenched in fear.  Immediately before going in at 3pm, it was at its utter worst.  The…

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