Staff Development Unit – Summer term courses

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These courses are open to all staff at Sussex: including research staff associate tutors. To reserve a place on these courses, book online, through your Sussex Direct ‘personal’ page – click on ‘staff development’ from the drop down menu, then select ‘search for scheduled courses’ or ‘staff development course listings and booking facility’ or email

For a full list of SDU courses, and details of content with aims for each course, on SDU web pages.

Train the trainer

For staff who are involved in designing and presenting training sessions. Learn how to plan an effective course, practise training skills and increase your confidence as a trainer. 17 April 09.30-16.30

Presentation skills (two-day course)

Build your confidence as a presenter, and learn how to create and deliver an engaging and effective presentation. 18/25 April 09.30-16.30

Managing projects – an introduction

Understand the key issues, activities and concerns involved, and learn and practise the skills needed for successful project management. 23 April 09.30-16.45

Appraising academics – introducing the new scheme* (New Course)

For academic staff appraisers. 24 April 13.30-16.30

Facilitation skills (now extended to a two-day course)

Are you sometimes asked to facilitate a meeting or discussion, but not sure what is expected of you? Learn how to listen and question skilfully, understand about different styles of facilitation for different situations and take part in practice sessions. 26 April/3 May 09.30-16.30

Appraising academics – introducing the new scheme* (New Course)

For academic staff appraisers 30 April 13.30-16.30 Gaining the most benefit from your appraisal – for Professional Services staff appraisees* For all staff who are to be appraised and who haven’t yet received training in this area. 1 May 10.00-12.30

Appraising your staff – for Professional Services staff appraisers*

Essential for all new managers who are to carry out appraisals. 1 May 13.30-17.00 

Taking control of your time

If you want to take control of your time, be more productive, less stressed and have more time for yourself, this is the course for you: you’ll come away with a menu of simple, powerful and non-bureaucratic techniques for taking control of your time. 9 May 09.30-16.30

Recruiting and selecting staff (for staff of Grade 7 and above)

Presented by the University’s employment lawyers, Pinsent Masons LLP, this course gives an understanding of the legalities of recruitment and selection and an opportunity to practise the skills involved. 10 May 10.00-16.30

Negotiating skills (two-day course)

A very practical and challenging course which teaches the techniques and phases of the negotiation process, and gives you the opportunity to learn and practise all the stages of a negotiation. 15/22 May 09.30-16.45

Vocal vitality!

Effective vocal skills and voice care For staff who teach or give presentations. Learn how to relax your voice, produce resonance and effectively articulate and project. 16 May 09.30-12.30

Appraising academics – introducing the new scheme* (New Course)

For academic staff appraisers. 16 May 13.30-16.30

Working with distressed and angry students

For all staff whose role brings them into direct contact with students, and who are sometimes involved in situations where emotions run high. Understand the psychological processes behind distressed and angry behaviour, and how to defuse it with basic counselling skills. 17 May 09.30-12.45

Dealing with difficult behaviour and situations

Do people sometimes behave in ways that amaze, upset or intimidate you? Learn how to handle them in a way that helps you retain your dignity and build an understanding with them. Based around an understanding of assertiveness and practice of assertiveness techniques. 23 May 09.30-16.30

Budget management*

An introduction to the budgeting process within the University. This is a lively, practical course designed to help managers understand and manage budgets better. 24 May 09.30-12.30

Disability awareness*

Designed to develop a greater understanding of the issues surrounding disability, and suggest some easy ways to improve practice when dealing with colleagues, students or others who have disabilities. 29 May 11.30-15.00

Getting it write: techniques for business writing

Learn how to write in a Plain English style – vital for producing effective, readable written communication. 31 May 09.30-13.00

Appraising academics – introducing the new scheme* (New Course)

For academic staff appraisers 11 June 13.30-16.30 Solving problems creatively For managers. Learn how to tap into your creativity as well as encouraging creativity in your team in this very practical course. 12 June 10.00-15.00 

Cultural awareness and global communication

Explore the concept of culture and the impact of cultural differences and assumptions, and how you can apply this knowledge practically at work. 14 June 11.00-16.00

Recognising and improving performance: a manager’s guide (for staff of Grade 7 and above)

A workshop presented by the University’s employment lawyers, Pinsent Masons LLP. It outlines good practice in the area and gives an opportunity to practise the skills needed to manage staff performance effectively. 19 June 10.00-16.30

Making legally fair disciplinary decisions (New Course) (for staff of Grade 8 and above)

Run by Pinsent Masons LLP, this course helps managers ensure that investigations and hearings are reasonable, fair and stand up to legal scrutiny. 20 June 10.00-16.30

Mastering the art of influence (New Course)

A lively workshop which will give you insight into your own motivations and teach you the secrets to overcoming resistance from those around you. 5 July 09.30-16.30

*denotes essential for staff within first year of appointment


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