Call for applications: Santander Junior Entrepreneurship Associate Bursaries Scheme

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University of Sussex and Santader LogosThe Doctoral School is pleased to announce the launch of the Santander Junior Entrepreneurship Associate Bursaries Scheme. The scheme offers five awards each year, up to a maximum of £2,000 each, to University of Sussex Masters and Doctoral students intending to develop a business or social enterprise.

The money can be used for a wide variety of business support, including but not limited to: research; creating prototypes; market analysis; travel; or anything else the scheme panel considers relevant to forming or developing a new business. Funds cannot be used to pay for the time of the entrepreneur.

Strong candidates (individuals or groups) will be able to:

  • Show a high level of personal commitment and passion for their proposed enterprise;
  • Demonstrate the ability to recruit and lead others to realise the opportunity;
  • Identify the resources and/or intellectual property on which the idea rests;
  • Describe the enterprise’s growth potential.

Interested? Got ideas for setting up your own business or a social enterprise? Come along:

Step 1: Interested students must first attend the university business start up training run by the Sussex Innovation Centre on the 16th May 2012The course will, amongst other things, support the development of a sales pitch for a new enterprise. You must book your place – either by emailing or by completing the booking form

Step 2: Deadline for submission of applications 30th May 2012.

All pitches from workshop attendees will be reviewed and short-listed. Those short-listed will receive mentoring support from the Sussex Innovation Centre team before pitching to the Santander Junior Entrepreneurship Associate Bursaries Panel in mid-June 2012.


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