CFP 6th Annual BSSN conference – Global Crisis: local identities and sexuality

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The theme for the 6th annual BSSN conference is ‘Global Crisis: local identities and sexuality’. This one-day conference will take place on 13 September 2012 at the University of Sussex.

The conference will encourage an exploration of the role that local identities and sexualities have played and continue to play in the global economic crisis. In what ways can they be seen to challenge, resist, critique or creatively engage with this? What role have sexualities and identities had in resistance to and reflections on the global crisis? What impact has the message of global capitalism in crisis had on the expression of sexual dissidence and social dissent?

Conference Date: 13th of September 2012, University of Sussex

For more information visit BSSN at:

A BSSN event co-sponsored by the Centre for Sexual Dissidence and Cultural Change


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