Environment and Health showcase event, 2nd July

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Environment and Health Research ThemeYou are invited to the ‘Environment and Health Showcase’ which will be held on campus on 2nd July 2012.

The event aims to provide a forum for faculty, researchers and postgrad students to network around common interests.  It will bring together researchers from all disciplines, to share and develop emerging research ideas; to map and connect areas of mutual interest and synergy; and to advise on how the Research Themes team can support new collaborations.

If you would like to register to attend this event please go to: http://tinyurl.com/EnvHealth-Showcase
If you have any questions, please contact researchthemes@sussex.ac.uk

Your interests may be in the sciences of environment and health, toxicology, disease control, digital health technologies or ecology.  Equally, they may be in landscape painting, the law of land ownership, use of nature in primary school teaching, or the local health and land records soon to be held in The Keep.  Whoever you are, please take the time to come and make new research friends at this networking event.

The event starts with short ten-minute presentations from faculty across campus highlighting environment and health related research interests within their group/department, focusing on current research activity and areas they would like to develop.  There will be speakers from Sociology, Social Work, BSMS, Medical Engineering, SPRU, IR, Geography, Informatics, BSMS, Psychology, Maths and Environmental Science. To see the list of confirmed speakers and the programme for the day please go to http://www.sussex.ac.uk/research/environmentandhealth/

Following the presentations there will be parallel round table discussion groups in the following areas:

      • Addictive Environments
      • Ageing
      • Ecology/wildlife/ecosystem services
      • Environment and Genes / Genetic Change
      • Health and the Social Care Environment
      • Infections
      • Intelligent Environments
      • Unequal Environments

The purpose of these groups is to identify and discuss Sussex’ strengths and strategies for future research ideas, collaborations and networks. Throughout the afternoon, there will be plenty of time for discussion and networking and opportunities for you to showcase your own work through poster presentations. The day will conclude with a drinks reception.


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