Apply for an Alumni Travel Grant 2012-13

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Alumni Travel Grants 2012-13

Alumni Travel Grant Application 2012-13 [DOC]

The alumni travel grants support International study visits and conference attendance overseas for doctoral students at Sussex.  Funding is up to £1,500 for any one student.

The Doctoral School may use its discretion to award less than the maximum amount.

The Alumni Travel grants are administered by the Doctoral School on behalf of the University.  The call for applications is now open, with a deadline for applications of 19 November 2012.

Applicants must complete the attached form and return it to the
Doctoral School, Research & Enterprise Services, Falmer House,
clearly marked as an Alumni Travel Grant application

The following criteria will apply:

Applicants must be registered for a doctoral degree at the University of Sussex.

Study visits and conference attendance will normally take place after a student’s research outline has been approved.

Study visits and conferences under this application round must be undertaken by the end of April 2013.

Funding applications will be considered by members of the Doctoral School Committee.  In allocating the awards the following criteria will be used:

  • Benefits of study visit / placement
  • Quality of application (including provision of evidence)
  • Conference profile and suitability
  • Supervisor’s statement
  •  Study visits must be for the purposes of conducting primary research and essential to the satisfactory completion of the student’s thesis.
  • The proposed budget must be evidenced and reasonable.  Please note payment will be in the form of reimbursement. Documentary evidence, in the form of receipts or equivalent, covering all expenses included in the budget, must be provided to the Doctoral School Office in order for payment to be released.
  •  The University would not normally expect a student to go on a study visit in the last three months of their course, nor for the duration of a study visit to exceed 6 months.
  • The University would expect that students requesting funding for overseas conferences would be active participants in the conference with either a paper or presentation accepted.  If a paper has been accepted then this should be stated in the “Purpose of study visit or conference attendance” section.
  •  Successful applicants will be required to submit a 400 word report of their experiences to the Doctoral School, these will be posted on the Doctoral School Blog

 Any queries on the competition or on completing the application form below should be directed to Julie Carr, Doctoral School, Falmer House, University of Sussex BN1 9QF:


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