Vote for your school’s PGR student reps: Polls close at 5pm today.

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student reps logo: "Your voice in a learning partnership"Who will represent you at Sussex? Have your say on the future direction of the University and the Students’ Union by voting online today. Voting is quick and easy. You can do it online, from anywhere. Just go to: (polls close on Friday 12 October at 5pm).

Every year hundreds of students are elected to a variety of positions to represent the views of students. From those who campaign for improvements on your course, to those who shape the policy direction of the Students’ Union, every role matters.

Kelly McBride, Students’ Union President, says:

“It’s so important you vote in these elections so that you can have your say on what happens at Sussex. All elected students play a crucial role in ensuring that University management and the Students’ Union know what’s important to you!”

The positions being elected are:

Student Reps:

… represent your academic interests in your School. This scheme is jointly run by the University and the Students’ Union

Community Engagement Officer:

… works with the Full-time Elected Officers, taking important decisions in the running of the Students’ Union

Representative Officers – for Black students, Disabled students, International students, Mature students:

… work to ensure that the needs and views of specific groups of students are adequately represented within the Students’ Union

Union Councillors – for postgraduates and undergraduate BMEc students:

… represent your views on major issues within the Students’ Union, influencing the policy direction of the organisation

Student Trustees:

… sit on the Union’s Board of Directors, working with externally appointed Trustees to oversee the long-term goals of the Students’ Union and monitor its finances

Ethical & Environmental Reps:

… oversee the Students’ Union’s ethical and environmental campaigns The Students’ Union is a student-led, democratic organisation.

Vote now:


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