Shut up and write (for doctoral researchers)

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Edit [10 April 2013]: new date added: Tuesday 14May, 15:00, Library Cafe

The Research Hive Scholars invite Sussex doctoral researchers to the first Shut Up and Write! session – 13 November at 2.30pm in the Library café.

Shut Up and Write! is a novel way to combat the many distractions and excuses that prevent you from getting your writing done. Meet in the Library café for a FREE coffee or tea and we’ll get chatting and writing!

Bring your laptop along or paper / pen; if you would like to hire an ITS laptop, email us in advance at

We look forward to seeing you there!

There are just two rules: shut up, and write. That means no editing, no re-drafting, no distractions, no email, no social networking, no admin, no chatting, no looking something up. Just type as if your life depends on it!

Shut Up and Write events will take place on:

    • Tuesday 13th November, 2.30pm, Library café
    • Tuesday 11th December, 2.30pm, Library café
    • Tuesday 15th January, 2.30pm, Library café
    • Tuesday 12th February, 2.30pm, Library café
    • Tuesday 12th March, 2.30pm, Library café
    • Tuesday 9th April, 2.30pm, Library café

Find out more about Shut up and Write! on the Research Hive blog


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