Treasure Hunt answers (from the Festive Fayre)

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Last Wednesday at the Doctoral School’s 2012 Festive Fayre, we ran a treasure hunt. Researchers toured the stalls with their glasses of mulled wine and mince pies, collecting answer to questions about services and support for Sussex researchers. Correct entries went into a prize draw, and winners were drawn randomly by the crowd. Ten lucky winners left with prizes such a kindle, £50 and £30 vouchers for research activities, Amazon vouchers, and books donated to us by Palgrave Macmillan.

Many of you commented that the stalls and the information you gleaned were useful, so we’re publishing the full treasure hunt questions and correct answers here…

Doctoral School

Question: What’s the closing date for the next Researcher Led Initiative funding cycle?

Answer: 31st December 2012. The final cycle closing date for 2012-13 is 30th April 2013, and if you answered with either of these dates, we marked it as correct. Because it’s Christmas 🙂

Question: How many Doctoral Training Pathways are there at Sussex? Name three of them.

Answer: There are six Doctoral Training Pathways:

    • Understanding Behaviour
    • Innovation and Sustainability: Management and Policy
    • Global Social Transformations
    • Knowledge and Society: Well-being, Health and Communities
    • Citizenship, Justice and Security
    • Global Economic Performance

Teaching and Learning Development Unit (TLDU): Researcher Development

Question: Where can I find out about Researcher Development Events?

Answer: On the Researcher Development pages of the Doctoral School website

Question: Which resources from the Researcher Development Programme are available online?

Answer:  We are developing a series of online modules covering the following topics: technical programs and software (inc. Zotero, NVivo, LaTeX); writing skills and support (inc. writing your thesis and publishing your research); research skills (inc. writing literature review and preparing for your viva); communication and presentation skills; personal development (inc. time and project management).

Teaching and Learning Development Unit (TLDU): Teaching and Learning

Question: What’s the name of the pre-teaching course for Doctoral researchers?

Answer: Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education

Question: Which department runs the AHEA Pathway – a route to gaining Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy?

Answer: TLDU – Teaching, Learning, Development Unit.

Careers and Employability Centre

Question: How do you book an hour long one-to-one consultation with a Careers advisor?

Answer: You can email Jane Riley ( or Catherine Reynolds ( directly.

Question: How do you find information specifically for PhDs on the Careers website?

Answer: Follow the link

Sussex Centre for Language Studies (SCLS): Academic Development

Question: If you are an international student and you are feeling concerned about your use of the definite article in a paper you are writing, would it be more appropriate to seek help through a tutorial or a workshop?

Answer: tutorial, as they are one-to-one

Question: If you are an international student, how would you book a tutorial with a tutor who is a specialist in working with students for whom English is a second or other language?

Answer: via the Study Direct site:

Excursions journal

Question: How can I get involved in Excursions?

Answer: By signing up on the website to become an Associate Editor for peer-reviewing and copyediting submissions

Question: Does Excursions have any events planned for 2013?

Answer: Yes, Excursions will have a launch party for its next issue in February, and is planning an interdisciplinary event on the theme of purity in June.

Library: Research Support

Question: How many Sussex doctoral theses are on Sussex Research Online (SRO)?

Answer: It changes, but at the time the treasure hunt was active, there were 541. We accepted any answers that were in the ballpark of this number 🙂

Question: What is the name of the new purpose-built home for Special Collections?

Answer: The Keep

Research Hive Scholars

Question: What series of writing events are the Hive scholars running this year and when is the date of the next event?

Answer: Shut Up and Write! Tuesday 15th January, 3.00pm

Question: What Hive event is taking place on the 30th January?

Answer: SAGE publishing talk.

IT Services: Research Support Team

Question: How does someone contact ITS for Research Support?

Answer: Email

Question: IT Services run a ‘Introduction to Managing your Citations’ course for staff and researches. Which software package is used for that course?

Answer: EndNote. Check out ITS training pages to book yourself a place on this and other courses.

Student Life Centre

Question: What are the Student Life Centre top tips for successful research students?

Answer: Seek out a support network – use it, and allow it to develop. Aim for good work life balance. Work in the knowledge that progress is incremental but with the big picture in mind.

Question: What should students do they feel things are getting on top of them and going in the wrong direction?

Answer: Talk about it.

Sussex Research Staff Association

Question: How much is the prize for the RSA draw?

Answer: £25

Question: Which members of the Research Committee are here today?

Answer:Anna Good & Fran Meeten


Question: What does RDF stand for?

Answer:Researcher Development Framework

Question: According to the report ‘What Do Researchers Do?’ what percentage of doctoral graduates were working in Higher Education three years after their graduation?


RLI Winners stand

Khalid’s Question: What is the “Bussy monologues” based on?

Answer: “The vagina monologues”. This information wasn’t readily available at the start of the afternoon, so we didn’t include it in the marking of the answers 🙂


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