Researcher Mentoring Programme for Research Staff

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Are you a member of research staff at Sussex? Whether you describe yourself as postdoc, research fellow, research assistant, or research associate, this opportunity is for you.

Take part in a formal programme that gives you recognition of your potential to manage a research team or supervise doctoral researchers in the future. You’ll get the chance to build on skills and gain experience supporting three postgraduate researchers from January until September 2013.

What’s involved?

We ask you commit to attending the training day (28th January), seeing each of your mentees seven times during the programme, and that you take advantage of the additional support embedded in the programme for research staff. We also offer a £250 research-budget topup as a thank you for each member of research staff that fully engages with the programme.

This next cycle kicks off on 28th January 2013 with an intensive day of training, including the opportunity to talk to previous and current mentors, followed by an informal drinks reception where you will meet your mentees. See below for more details of the programme, and sign up at

Please get in touch with me directly if you have any questions: extension 7114 or email

Researcher Mentoring Programme: What’s involved for research staff who become mentors

Previous Mentors (research staff) said:

“It has given me the opportunity to learn about students and myself. I like that the programme has embedded support for the mentors.”

“I’d emphasise the insight this process can give a mentor of the diversity of ways, approaches and situations in which people do a PhD, and that this is really good training for becoming a supervisor yourself.”

“This is formal recognition of skills which are not often explicitly trained for, and good evidence for my CV. I think it’s sensible to do this shortly after your own PhD, so you’re not detached from the experience.”

“What would I say to potential mentors? You don’t know how much you have to offer to mentees until you do it. It’s gratifying, giving advice [to doctoral researchers], watching them act on it and learn and grow from it.”

“[The programme] has increased my confidence in giving support. I can now picture more clearly how I might become a supervisor in the future, which I couldn’t imagine before. And the social networking among mentors is good.”

Logistics of the Programme:

Intensive training day for mentors at the start of the programme.

    • The training day is mandatory for all prospective mentors to attend, and will provide you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to start mentoring doctoral researchers.
    • You will be introduced to your mentees at the end of the day, and have the chance to celebrate the launch and get to know each other in an informal setting.

Three doctoral researcher mentees from various disciplines to mentor through till September 2013.

    • We ask you to commit to seeing your mentees on at least seven occasions during the course of the programme, and to provide a reasonable amount of support by email / telephone between these sessions, if it is required.

Full support and help from the Doctoral School and the Careers and Employability Centre throughout the
course of the programme.

Group meetings with other mentors on the programme: in sessions facilitated by the Doctoral School and a
Research-Careers advisor, and in un-facilitated sessions, for which we provide catering.

    • These sessions provide the opportunity for careers advice, peer-support, and for you to exchange knowledge, experiences and solutions arising from your mentoring experience.

A final meeting to close the programme in September 2013, including a final celebration.


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