Researcher Wellbeing Week events 25-Feb to 1-Mar

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What could you change to improve your wellbeing?

Next week is Researcher Wellbeing Week at Sussex. The events range from the tame to the exuberant; from the reflective to the energetic; from the academic to the social. Wellbeing for the mind, the body and the spirit are all catered for.

Get some answers to your questions and get some support for your concerns. Whether it’s grilling a panel of supervisors for advice on dealing with PhD stress, pelting over the downs on a mountain bike, or trying to find a moment of inner stillness where the chaos can’t find you, there’s something here for you.

Take a look at the Doctoral School website for full event details and booking

Wellbeing in the research context events

Man holding placard: "Ask me!"

    • Wellbeing the doctoral way (panel, Q&A, coffee – doctoral researchers only): Monday
    • Research Staff Wellbeing (panel, Q&A, coffee – research staff only): Monday
    • Wellbeing resource fayre (information, resources, networking, collaboration): Monday

Physical wellbeing events

Photograph of mountain biking through woodland

    • Zumba (30-minute taster sessions): Monday EDIT: unfortunately cancelled due to lack of uptake
    • Mountain biking (1hr includes free bike hire): Tuesday EDIT: unfortunately cancelled due to lack of uptake
    • Running group (for the experienced!): Tuesday
    • Posture care (20-minute workshop): Tuesday
    • Stretching, chi gung and relaxation (30-minute taster session): Tuesday

Psychological / Social wellbeing events

Sillouhette of man in meditation pose

    • Exploring mindfulness (introductory session): Tuesday
    • Dealing with insomnia (workshop): Wednesday
    • Supervisor relationships (peer-discussion – doctoral researchers only): Wednesday
    • Researcher wellbeing walk (walk, coffee, walk, end at The Swan for social): Friday

Academic wellbeing events

Subdued man faced with pile of paperwork

    • How to finish your doctorate, keeping the momentum going… (workshop): Tuesday
    • Taking Control: time, project, and stress management (workshop): Tuesday
    • Conquer your procrastination (workshop): Wednesday
    • Supervisor Question Time (interrogate a panel of supervisors): Wednesday
    • Getting the better of technology (demonstration, Q&A): Thursday / Friday

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