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University Experience of the Daughters of Single Mothers

Call for participants
Are you an undergraduate student in the UK who is the daughter of a single mother?  Please consider participating in this qualitative research project.

Who can participate?
Since single mother families are diverse and can be defined in many ways, I am looking for participants who:

  1. Consider themselves to have been primarily raised by their mother (or their mother raised them alone for about five years or more during their childhood)
  2. Are current undergraduate university students at any university in the UK, any mode of study (full or part time), and any age (traditional age or mature students)
  3. Are first generation students (the first in their family to attend university, which includes students whose siblings might have gone to university)

If you are interested in participating, please complete this Questionnaire.  Your responses are greatly appreciated!

About the research
The purpose of this study is to understand and explore the university experiences and identities of the daughters of single mothers who are first in their families to attend university.  Your identity will be protected.  Participants will be provided with pseudonyms.  The results of this research study may be published but all data will be anonymised.  To learn more about this research, view the Information Sheet.

About the researcher
Hello!  I am Jessica Gagnon, a PhD student in the Department of Education at the University of Sussex.  I am a first-generation university student from a working-class single mother family from the United States. I am interested in widening participation in higher education and in identity formations within the university experience.

Jessica Gagnon
University of Sussex
Department of Education
Essex House 140
Brighton, UK BN1 9QQ


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