BBQ tomorrow: now at East Slope Bar! Plus drinks voucher offers.

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Change of Venue

The weather forecast is not great, so we have initiated our rain plan!¬†The BBQ will go ahead, now at East Slope Bar, rather than Falmer Bar. East Slope bar will be closed to the public for the afternoon, and the premises entirely used for our BBQ! Plenty of inside space should it be required, and a covered outdoor cooking area – what’s not to like?

Drinks Vouchers exchange rate

Your drinks vouchers can be used at both bars tomorrow, and will also be accepted in Falmer Bar tomorrow evening should you wish to use them there for the Cocktail night.

Pool your vouchers for more! Get together with pals, and for 5 x drinks vouchers you can get either a bottle or Cava or two jugs of Pimm’s. Bargain.voucheroffer


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