Researcher Development Programme: June workshops

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Summer 2013 programme of workshops and development opportunities


June workshops for the RDP are listed below. If you find the workshop of your choice is fully booked, it’s worth adding your name to the waiting lists as places may become available. These activities are free, but booking is essential. Book your place. If you have any questions about our workshops please get in touch with us at

3rd June 13.30-17.00 – Presenting and Performing your Paper

This highly participative theatre-style workshop will use techniques borrowed from the stage to teach you how to make the best use of your voice, control your nerves, deal with the unexpected, control your body language, and perform your academic paper.

4th June 10.30-12.30 Managing your Research Data: how to plan, organise, keep safe and share your data

How safe is your research data? What would happen if you lost it all? This session will help you to consider where and how to store your data to keep it safe, find other datasets that might save you time and discover how your data can be shared to increase your citations.

4th June 14.00-16.30 – Creating a Blog with WordPress

This hands-on session will take you through the basic process of creating a blog with WordPress, from initial setup through to your very first post. Participants should have a basic level of technical knowledge and have a blog idea ready, along with some content to publish.

4th June 16.00-18.30 – Save a Life: First Aid Training with the Red Cross

The course will show participants how to recognise and deal with someone who is choking, someone who is unconscious, someone who is not breathing and someone who is in cardiac arrest. It will be a very practical course giving everyone the chance to practise various skills.

5th June 09.15-17.15 – Tell the World About It! Media Training for Researchers

This workshop is run by two ex-BBC journalists and will benefit researchers wishing to gain media interest in their research, or to present their work to non-academic audiences. You’ll learn what the media want, how to identify and present ‘media-friendly’ elements in your research and how to deal with difficult questions in interviews.

10th June 13.00-15.15 – Writing your Thesis (for Doctoral Researchers in the Social Sciences)

Do you need advice or tips on how to write your thesis? This workshop is designed for both researchers who are about to start writing and those who have already begun. Suitable for Social Sciences researchers in their 2nd year and above.

11th June 14.00-16.30 – Making the Most of Conferences

Are you due to attend your first academic conference? Come along to find out how to make the most of your conference experience, hear tips from experienced researchers, and learn how to effectively prepare for conference attendance.

12th June 14.00-17.00 – Working with your Supervisor

Would you like to be able to communicate more clearly, listen more effectively, and be more confident in building and maintaining your professional and academic relationships? This session will help you deal with any current communication issues and make the most of supervisory and professional relationships throughout your doctorate and beyond.

17th June 10.00-17.00 – Becoming an Effective Researcher

This one-day workshop aims to enhance your effectiveness as a doctoral researcher by building your understanding, skills and confidence in communication, time management, problem solving, and assertiveness. The workshop will cover the keys skills required of a researcher, such as project management, working effectively with others, and managing professional relationships. Suitable for 1st and 2nd year researchers.

17th June 11.00-12.30 – Developing your Sussex Online Profile

Within this session you will receive support to set up and develop your online researcher profile, a useful tool in promoting yourself and your research. We will cover what sort of information you should include, how to make the most of it, and provide guidance in setting up and maintaining your profile.

18th and 19th June 09.30-16.30 – Creativity in Academic Writing

This two-day writing workshop gives you an opportunity to reflect on your academic studies, your writing processes and yourself as an academic writer. We will introduce creative writing techniques such as freewriting and finding your writing voice to improve your own academic writing.

18th June and 25th June 14.00-16.00 – Advanced Presentation Skills (Arts and Humanities)

This two-part workshop covers advanced presentation skills, and how to present complex research data, techniques and ideas. Participants will receive guidance, advice and feedback in how to design and deliver a presentation. Suitable for Arts and Humanities researchers in their 2nd year and above.

19th June 14.00-17.00 – Preparing to Complete your Doctorate

How can you effectively prepare for the final year of your research studies? How do you ensure that you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and get over the final hurdles of submitting your thesis and undertaking your Viva? For those researchers preparing to complete their doctorate, this workshop will help you.

24th June 10.30-12.00 – Publishing Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

This is an eye-opening lecture on academic publishing in the 21st century, covering the state of the market for scholarly publications, online publishing, open access and more. The lecture is packed with insights into editors’ decision-making and strategies for maximising the chances of publication in a competitive climate. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion.

26th June 14.00-17.00 – Taking Control: Time, Project and Stress Management

Are you in the later stages of your research studies? Perhaps working part time and/or teaching as well, whilst trying to maintain a life outside your doctorate? In this session we will equip you with time and project management tools which will increase your personal effectiveness and help you to manage your doctoral research and responsibilities.

26th June 14.30-16.30 – Does your Research Require Ethical Review?

This practical workshop will cover the key principles of undertaking ethical research, and how to go about obtaining university ethical approval for your research project. There will be an opportunity to consider some case studies and to ask questions about your own research.

27th June 10.00-12.00 – Introduction to Poster Presentations

This workshop is an opportunity to consider poster presentation: what you want from your poster, how are you to go about producing it, and what level of effort to invest in it. We will have past posters put up around the room, with opportunities for viewing and criticism.


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