Inputs-Outputs conference

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We had a very stimulating and inspiring day on Wednesday last week. Inputs-Outputs conference participants saw Fabian Ramseyer from University of Bern, Colin Nightingale from Punchdrunk, Steve Benford from the Nottingham Mixed Reality Lab, and Tassos Stevens from Agency of Coney deliver the plenary session, which set a strong theme that reverberated through the day – engagement is not a simple, linear thing, and it affects us deeply.

All sessions were well attended, and we are glad to say many of our speakers were as inspired as the delegates – we have heard back from many of them already, spontaneously telling us how they are still thinking about the ideas sparked by the conference. One of them, Professor D K Arvind from Edinburgh, kindly said he thinks people will look back on the conference in a few years’ time as a pivotal point. He was probably a little over-generous in this, but interesting avenues for future developments did open up.

This is where our efforts will now be focused, in the aftermath of the conference; on collating the documentation and outcomes, and following up on interesting new directions.

We are very grateful for the support of the Doctoral School, the Digital and Mind & Brain research themes, and the Centre for Material Digital Culture for their support. They always say it, but it is true: it couldn’t have happened otherwise.


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