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Researchers based at the University of Hamburg are interested in the experiences of academic scholars with Open Access publishing. They are examining current perceptions and exploring both commonalities and differences between disciplines.

Open Access has many benefits for the individual researcher, the research community and the public at large. Providing unrestricted access to peer-reviewed research outputs to anyone in the world with an internet connection increases the potential readership of your work. By increasing the number of readers, article citations also significantly grow.

Many research funders require that outputs from projects they fund must be Open Access.  This development in scholarly publishing has affected all researchers working in Higher Education across the globe.

Surveys have been conducted in Europe, Africa and South America, and now, in collaboration with Queen Mary University, the survey is open to UK academics.

The Library is responsible for providing advice for researchers on Open Access, and we are keen for Sussex researchers to participate in this survey. Its findings will help us to develop and improve the support that we offer.

The completion of the questionnaire will take you around 10 minutes. Your involvement will provide a valuable contribution to this research area.

For more information about Open Access at Sussex please visit our support pages: or get in touch

Open Access Survey


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